Where is this business from?
This business is from the city of Cartagena in Colombia. We are located at the street 31 # 57-98 los Ejecutivos mall, office C3
Do you operate all the tours that you offer?
No, we only operate private tours (boat and yacht rentals, groups, private or exclusive tours), group tours are operated by other allied companies to which we help sell their services.
Is the quality of your services (tours) good?
We do not sell services that do not offer our clients the quality of our private services. For this reason, you may not find many tours that are offered in the streets, but that we do not sell because they do not provide our clients with the quality and safety that we provide. We would rather lose money than lose a customer to a bad experience.
What is the basis of Cartagena's culture and society?
The basis of Cartagena's culture and society are our African roots and legacy; which is because Cartagena was the main slave port in South America and therefore one of the largest cultural, social and ethnic concentrations of Afro-descendants is in Cartagena. Hence, we are proud of the municipality of Palenque, which was declared an intangible heritage of humanity in 2005 by UNESCO and which still preserves the language, music, dance, religion, gastronomy and the social system that they brought from Africa.
Which Island tour do you recommend or do you think are the best?
We are a travel agency that has based our services on the demands of our clients. Therefore, our motto is: We adjust experiences to our clients' budgets and expectations. Starting from our motto we recommend the following tours: 1) If you have the budget to rent a boat or yacht, do it, since it is the best way to go to the islands, since you can manage your time, and visit as many islands as time allows. 2) If you like to party, you should go to Bora Bora Island. 3) If you come as a family, you must go to Isla del Encanto (since this is the only one that includes a visit to the oceanarium). 4) if you like tranquility and the ecological, we recommend Islabela Island or Isla Baru Playa. 5) If you come in a group and luxury plan (private), we recommend our luxury islands (pelican, Gigi, Kalua, Rosa, Matamba, Agua Azul). 6) If you like show business, music and cocktails, we recommend Seafarers Island. 7) If you like adventure and want to see many islands and also do not have the money to rent a boat or a yacht, then the 5 islands tour is yours. 8) If you are looking for the cheapest (but still good), then we recommend the Islabela island tour. 9)If you are looking for a more intimate and glamorous experience, they offer a variety on the menu, and a limited number of seats. Then we recommend the tour to the coral island. Which offers an à la carte menu and the welcome drink is a glass of wine.
Which cultural tours do you recommend?
It depends on how you like to know a culture or society. If you like to get to know it through the day-to-day life of the people in the city and you are not bothered by the riots and the bad smells, I recommend that you book the Bazurto-Social tour; which will take you into the bowels of the public market of the city and there you will smell, eat and see the day-to-day life of the Cartagena society base. If you want to know the ancestral music culture of the African legacy in Cartagena, we recommend that you book the Palenque tour. If you like to get to know culture through gastronomy, we recommend you book the street food tour. But if you also would like to have cooking classes and go to choose the ingredients so that while we talk about the history and society in Cartagena, you learn to cook our recipes and then enjoy a Caribbean delicacy, we recommend the Bazurto-Gastronomic tour . If you also like music and dance, we have a music and dance tour to teach you to dance the rhythms of the Colombian Caribbean. And if what you like is art, we recommend the art tour in Cartagena, where you will visit galleries, monuments, statues and graffiti. If you are looking for history, then we recommend you book the city tour, which will take you through the history of the city from its foundation in 1533 to the present day, while visiting monuments, museums and the calls of Cartagena.


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