Cartagena de indias

Cartagena de indias is the most touristic city in Colombia, is the city that the Colombians love more and where they dream to visit at least once in their live.  Cartagena is magic, is culture, is music, is beauty, is history, is beach, is fun & party.


This city also have the biggest oil industry in the country with the second-largest refinery and the largest petrochemical companies, like Mexichem, Argos, Yara, Esentia, and so on.

Also, this city has the most beautiful beaches, islands of all the country, becoming then in the preferred destiny to spend vacations and also invest in real state for leisure and also for the growing Airbnb business, which is one of the largest on the country too, making the construction and real state in Cartagena another big industry.


If we talk about history, the Cartagena take the focus and attention again because it was the second city founded in Colombia in 1533 and become the most important city in South America because was chosen city by the Spaniard to storage the crown treasures collected (stolen) from South America.

This make that the city become an attractive target for pirate and corsairs who were looking for gold, silver, and precious stones to steal. But the Spaniard choose Cartagena de indias as the place to storage the treasures because it had a natural protection that created an inner bay because of the surrounding islands like Manga, and Tierra Bomba.

Internal bay of Cartagena
Internal bay of Cartagena

Then the Spaniard build a beautiful city and established here, leaving a legacy of architecture, history, and culture that become the city a world heritage place by UNESCO, and is one of the reason why is one of the most visited places of Colombia.

Cartagena de Indias and tourism

But talking a little more about the touristic attractions, this city has more than enough to satisfy the must demanding people, since its hotels like Santa Clara (Sofitel chain), Hilton, Hyatt, and the new Four Season hotel that will be the most luxurious hotel in Colombia. 28 islands at the national park and archipelago of the Rosario islands, that make a give diversity to enjoy the Colombian Caribbean beaches for people that is looking for party, relax, or family.

Tour Bora bora Cartagena 5
Tour Bora bora Cartagena 5

Cartagena also have ecotourism like mud volcano, pink sea, mangroves, bird watching, or botanic garden; but if you like more history and culture, then this city has a magnificent walled city, with XVI century architecture, museums, and the biggest fortress at the Caribbean (San Felipe Fortress).

And if that wasn’t enough, this city also have a unique place as San Basilio de Palenque that was founded in 1.600 and got the independence from the Spaniard in 1713, before any other republic in the continent. And its people still conserve their African roots like religion, language, music, dance, gastronomy, becoming one of the most complete experiences for visitor who likes the culture.

For all talked before and much more you must visit Cartagena de indias the Fantastic city.